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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote the foreword. “I’ve known Adam for more than 10 years. In addition to being one of the smartest people in nutrition I’ve met, he’s the perfect person to blaze a better path that provides a more direct, realistic, and effective way to improve your health and mindset and achieve your goals.”
  • Take the attitude of an intern. Adam shares how he impressed Arnold Schwarzenegger. Be kind. Show up. Be consistent. Do great work. Don’t be greedy. Be generous. And keep going. That great work led to the introduction to LeBron James. Adam has done a great job of making the most of the luck he’s received.
  • Self-perception: how changing your thoughts and releasing mental baggage make adopting new behaviors, such as eating healthy, easier.
  • This is a thorough examination of why most diet plans fail, including research and case studies that demonstrate the inefficacy of restriction.
  • Book Dedication: “Dad, You were given a death sentence and turned it into a life sentence. That’s the power of a different mindset. Thanks for showing me the way. I love you.” Adam’s dad was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and he’s been very optimistic in the face of it. 
    • “Most people fail physically because they are broken mentally.”
  • Inversion: Start at the end. Anticipate that you didn’t achieve your goal, and ask why? And then ask, how do I prevent that from happening?
  • The three tactical things you can do:
    • Self-perception – Believe you can do it
    • Find things you love and don’t remove them
    • Add 1 or 2 new behaviors that are easy to win
  • How to manage your diet:
    • Slow down your eating
    • Create a meal boundary (have open and closed kitchen times)
    • Low fat vs Low carbs – Protein and fiber are needed
  • Have no 0% weeks. Make progress.

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