Meet Ryan Hawk

Ryan Hawk runs the Leadership Advisory team at Brixey & Meyer . Ryan has been a student, teacher, and practitioner of leadership and performance excellence most of his life. First as a collegiate and professional quarterback, and now in the business world. He shares what he’s learned from his own experience as well as from interviewing more than 250 of the most thoughtful leaders in the world on his hit podcast, The Learning Leader Show. Ryan is a sought-after public speaker, an accomplished writer, and a trusted advisor to leaders all over the world.

The Learning Leader Show is a top rated business podcast that focuses on learning from the smartest, most creative leaders in the world (including such luminaries as Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Kat Cole and Adam Grant). Hawk’s podcast has exploded on a global scale with listeners in 134 countries world-wide. Forbes has called The Learning Leader Show “The most dynamic leadership podcast out there.” Inc. Magazine listed The Learning Leader Show as one of the top 5 podcasts to “help you lead smarter.”