The Cycle of Learning

My Operating Framework

I’ve found it helpful to consider learning as a cycle of personal evolution where you -

  • first learn from a trusted source;
  • test and implement the information;
  • reflect on the results and make small adjustments;
  • and then teach what you’ve learned.

When I lead a group workshop, this mindset of learning and growth is what I bring to the table. Every time.


When you attend a Learning Leader Workshop, you will be served the most useful ideas on sustaining excellence that I’ve learned from interviewing hundreds of the most thoughtful leaders in the world on my podcast, The Learning Leader Show.

You will be challenged on how you think, how you feel and (most importantly) how you act. The goal of every workshop is to change your behaviors, your habits and your routines. I want you to leave a more effective version of you than you were before the experience.

But, there's more to it than just what you learn. It's who you will be learning it with. Each attendee is carefully chosen and vetted in order to create an environment where people can be vulnerable, share the mistakes they've made, what they've learned, and how they are pursuing sustained excellence. Attendees build connections for life as a result.


It was near impossible for this workshop to be a bust.  Why?  The room was filled with people with a “Learning Leader” mindset, earnestly and passionately seeking to mature as leaders and encourage others on the same journey.  I found this to be encouraging and refreshing.

This was especially true because the group size was small and because of Ryan’s intentional, thoughtful organization – down to carefully chosen seats at dinner. Well done!

Matt Sanders

Service Manager, IT Data Mgmt & Reporting

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